As Fiduciaries of our clients, Sequentis Capital has the duty and obligation to act solely in our clients’ best interests.

As Fiduciaries, we must:

  • Put our clients’ best interests before our own, seeking the best prices and terms.
  • Act in good faith and provide all relevant facts to our clients.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts of interest to our clients.
  • Do our best to ensure that the advice we provide is accurate and thorough.

Some financial advisors do not act as a fiduciary. Instead, they only fulfill a suitability obligation. At Sequentis Capital we hold ourselves to a higher standard by doing the following:

Suitability Standards

  1. Recommendations must be suitable for their clients
  2. No strict requirement regarding the disclosure of conflicts of interest
  3. May be loyal to the broker-dealer, not necessarily their clients

Higher Fiduciary Standards

  1. Recommendations must be in our client’s best interest
  2. Required to disclose any conflicts
    of interest
  3. Must be loyal to our clients