At Sequentis Capital, we believe it is important to be good citizens in our communities and this belief influences how we operate our business, how we make philanthropic contributions, and how we direct our investments.

It is a privilege to work with clients who have the means, the talent, and the ambition to shape the future of our society. Whether it is investing in impactful companies in your investment portfolios or selecting the right foundations in your donor advised fund, we want to work with you to pass on your values, not just your wealth.


Some ways that we support our communities include:

Sequentis Capital’s work with the UNAGB SDG Action Corner

Ryan Nagle’s work with Urban College

Chuck Butler’s work with the Esperanza Academy

UNAGB 2019 UN Day LuncheonUNAGB 2018 Global Citizens Gala

The French Cultural Center Annual “Tour de France Viticole” Wine Dinner